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About Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill was founded with a single mission in mind: to protect organizations against malicious cyber attacks that come from the deep and dark web, before they materialize. With the maturity of machine learning, NLP and big data, Cybersixgill takes a quantum leap into the next stage of threat intelligence evolution. It features unique, automated data collection, it is hyper scalable and fully covert. Unlike other solutions that rely heavily on humans, Cybersixgill’s collection and correlation is 100% automated – it minimizes human errors, reduces false-positives and increases analyst productivity.

DoControl Enforces Least Privilege for Cybersixgill Apps

Like many modern businesses, Cybersixgill was leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS) applications such as Google Drive and Slack to help foster collaboration and enable productivity. The security team was concerned with the lack of both insight and control over how sensitive files and data were exchanged between internal users and external collaborators. As the company grew, so did the number of users and files throughout their SaaS application environment. This created a scalable problem for the company, as the risk of data exfiltration and over exposure increased in-line with their adoption of SaaS applications.

There were hundreds to thousands of SaaS events taking place on a daily basis driven by their internal users and external collaborators. Trying to identify activities that presented high risk to the business was a difficult and manual task for the security team. Differentiating what was a material threat versus what was normal business practice was a risk that they were unable to solve for. There was also no easy way to comprehensively review all data access and the sharing of sensitive files and data on a specific individual-level. In this environment, they were vulnerable to significant data over exposure, as well as the intentional –  or accidental – release of sensitive company data.

The DoControl solution provided my team with the visibility they needed to truly understand our SaaS application risk exposure.  From there, the team was enabled to create secure workflows for all critical users, groups, and domains that presented higher levels of risk to our business.
Lior Marom, CISO, Cybersixgill

Centralized Data Access Controls and Security

DoControl first provided Cybersixgill’s security team with the visibility into the specific groups and domains that presented higher levels of risk. With all their critical SaaS applications onboarded into the DoControl platform, the team was able to identify which users and assets needed to be protected. From there, they were able to monitor and control the events and activities within their environment. By leveraging DoControl’s self-service capabilities, the security team was now able to take immediate action on high-risk events, for example revoking permissions for users that no longer require access, and changing file ownership or status.  

In addition, the team was able to create and enforce future-proofed, secure workflows throughout their critical SaaS applications – all from a centralized location. Relying on the native security features and capabilities within the SaaS applications they were leveraging were both limited and did not scale. The granularity and flexibility in the data access policies that the team was now able to create far exceeded what could be achieved by any Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), or other alternative solutions that focused on monitoring and enforcing security policies across SaaS applications.

The DoControl Impact

The DoControl solution provided Cybersixgill with the ability to automatically monitor and control user access and enforce consistent data access governance from a secure, single control point. Their security team could now protect against intentional or unintentional malicious activity, ensuring that no unauthorized user has access to sensitive company data within Google Drive or shared out via Slack. All access reviews could now be performed seamlessly using the DoControl platform, providing end-to-end visibility over “who has access, and to what” through a deep audit trail of end user access activity. DoControl was implemented without the need for any agents, or software installations of any kind, providing an immediate time to value to Cybersixgill.

Key benefits

  • Secure access to business critical SaaS applications including Google Drive and Slack
  • End-to-end visibility across all internal and external user events and activities
  • Automated and self-service remediation of SaaS application risks
  • Risk remediation of data exfiltration, data overexposure, and cyber breaches

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