How Bulk Remediation of Overexposed Data Assets Saved Imubit 450 Hours of Manual Work

Featured DoControl Champion
Nir Bar Nathan
Nir Bar Nathan

Saved 450 hours
of manual

in shared public assets

in externally shared assets

automated remediations
per month

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Prevent overexposure of data across multiple SaaS applications at scale

Imubit uses multiple SaaS applications to keep workflow seamless for its employees across the globe. Primary applications include Google Workspace, Slack, Sharepoint and OneDrive. But while SaaS makes it easier to collaborate on company data, it also makes it easier to inadvertently expose company data. 

Imubit knew it was critical for their information security to solve the problem of unnecessary public and external data exposure. They were also committed to erecting ethical walls between Imubit departments, so even employees and other insiders would have access to only the data they needed for their role. 

But with hundreds of thousands of existing data assets, how would they even get started? With Imubit’s expertise in value chain optimization, they recognized that manual remediation processes taking hundreds of hours would be a tremendous waste of resources.


Automated workflow and bulk historical remediation using DoControl

Imubit turned to DoControl for its deep domain expertise in securing SaaS assets against overexposure. Application coverage included Slack, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Google Workspace. 

Asset security priorities included: 

  • bulk remediation of overexposure from assets that were publicly or externally shared unnecessarily
  • automated workflows to prevent overexposure of assets going forward

The granularity and specificity of DoControl’s workflows were particularly appealing to Imubit, due to their appreciation of the impact that small but specific factors can have on complex processes.   

Imubit is no stranger to complex processes. It was clear to us that the issue of securing data assets in our fast-moving SaaS systems - where data is almost never at rest - was a complex issue that needed an expert solution.
When we started working with DoControl, we knew we had found the right partner. The efficiency and accuracy of the platform have been invaluable for our information security, delivering tremendous ROI.

Nir Bar Nathan, CISO at Imubit


Sharp decrease in publicly and externally shared assets 

After several months of using DoControl, Imubit realized a 90% decrease in public assets that had been previously shared, along with a 20% decrease in external shares of assets. Had they needed to perform this remediation manually, it would have taken 450 hours of work. With DoControl, it was accomplished virtually hands-free.

Concurrently, DoControl monitored all ongoing interaction with assets in the protected SaaS applications, automatically mitigating any problematic sharing, editing, downloading or other activity. Towards the end of the year, these automated workflows stabilized at approximately 10K workflows a month: 10,000 times a month that otherwise Imubit’s company data would have been at risk!

Going into 2024, Imubit decided to increase the number of users covered with DoControl’s SaaS application protection by 30%. DoControl is clearly key in the optimization of Imubit’s data value chain. 

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