Announcing Our Product Launch and Series A Round

Announcing Our Product Launch and Series A Round

“Sorry, I can’t book any more customer meetings this week because I need to go back to all the files I’ve shared externally, and remove all the outdated permissions for my customers and vendors”.... said no one ever.

In which reality do you operate?

External and/or public sharing is completely disabled and it’s definitely harder to drive business enablement with external parties. This generates unnecessary tension and bad company culture between employees and Security/IT teams who both simply try to do their job. 


Employees share company data extensively to external parties and even publicly to anyone with a link so that business enablement is done efficiently but at the same time, Security/IT teams either don’t have visibility on what’s going on or don’t have a way to automate day to day labor-consuming tasks, such as permissions cleanup, reporting, anomaly detection, vendors offboarding, etc. This increases the likelihood of a data leak.

In the last 10 months, the DoControl team has created a category-defining product that helps organizations prevent data breaches by balancing security with business enablement on the world’s most popular SaaS applications. Equally important, we have strongly invested in our security & compliance program to protect our customers’ data at best practice.

Today, we’re excited to announce the official launch of the DoControl platform and our $10M Series A round to accelerate customer growth and continue innovating on behalf of customers. RTP Global led the round with participation from existing investors StageOne Ventures, Carduman Capital, and the CrowdStrike Falcon Fund. 

Since day 1, we have been very aggressive in exceeding our customers’ expectations and meeting all of their product, security, and support requirements. If you are a potential or existing customer suggesting a feature request, we will listen, investigate, and come up with a solution for you. If this doesn’t happen, DM me and we’ll correct the issue and send you a SWAG.

This is our culture at DoControl. We never give up and always find creative solutions to customer pain points. Please join us if you can resonate with this statement.

This is just the beginning of our journey and we could not be more excited about what comes next. Our product is full of awesome capabilities and visionary approaches taking the SaaS Security category to a whole new level.

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