DoControl Included in Forrester’s “The SaaS Security Posture Management Landscape, Q2 2023”

DoControl Included in Forrester’s “The SaaS Security Posture Management Landscape, Q2 2023”

Renowned research and advisory firm Forrester has published “The SaaS Security Posture Management Landscape, Q2 2023” report. DoControl is thrilled to have been recognized among the 21 vendors in the overview. The report serves as a resource for security professionals to gain insights into the perceived value that SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) vendors can provide, how they differentiate, as well as highlights solutions to be pursued based on market size and focus.

When examining the SaaS security market, it presents a significant opportunity for innovation and growth. A diverse range of technologies, encompassing both established and emerging solutions, are addressing various challenges within SaaS applications. The adoption and utilization of SaaS has witnessed remarkable upward trend, particularly during and post-pandemic periods. With the continuation of workloads and workforces becoming decentralized, security leaders must adapt, and prioritize securing their SaaS estate to support this evolving landscape.

It is our opinion that the SaaS security market is ripe for consolidation. The swath of technology providers, both new and old, attempting to address SaaS-related threat models is creating confusion and frustration with Forrester's client organizations. There are too many tools attempting to address a wide range of SaaS security-related use cases.

There are many variables that influence market consolidation. Budgets in IT and security spend vary greatly with the current macroeconomic environment. There’s also a notable shortage in security professionals available in the market today. The reality is that every organization needs to ensure they are getting the most out of their technology investments; vendor and tooling consolidation is the optimal approach. Solution providers have an obligation to make sure their offerings provide automated security to deal with the reality of security teams being stretched thin, coupled with the high-scale nature of SaaS applications and services. Modern problems require modern solutions that serve up an immediate time-to-value and provide an ROI that will blow everyone’s hair back.

SSPM is often associated with addressing misconfiguration and configuration drift. Given the emerging and evolving nature of the SaaS security market, there are many other business-critical use cases. Data protection is paramount. SaaS application and data sprawl becomes a problem at scale, as organizations' SaaS utilization and adoption grows overtime. A wide range of different users and identities can connect to these applications and services – all from different locations – so it is essential to have comprehensive security measures in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of both the data and the application itself. SaaS data becomes accessed, manipulated, shared, and ultimately generated in such high volumes that you end up with a data management and overexposure issue in a short period of time.  

Critical use cases and corner cases tied to SaaS adoption will continue to reveal themselves, and DoControl will be here to partner with modern organizations looking to drive business enablement in a secure way.

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