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Employee Spotlight: UX Designer, Shiri Shilo

Top 3 reasons you joined DoControl

The strong belief of the founders in the product

The first thing that made me choose to work here is the positive impression left on me by the three talented founders: Adam, Omri and Liel. In the first interviews I felt a very positive energy. I was experiencing a crisis because the contract I had with a huge company was canceled following Covid-19 and they restored my trust. This company was founded during the epidemic period and managed to draw me to it against all odds. There was an energy of belief in the product, empathy and good chemistry. Moreover, I felt that the recruitment process was fair and efficient.

First designer. First woman.

It was nice to know that I was the first woman to start working for the company while the team was relatively small. Today we doubled the amount of employees and it’s really fun to work with other wonderful and talented women (and men). I felt that I had a great responsibility to be the first designer to lead the field of user experience in the company. I strongly believe in maintaining a direct contact with our users and these days I am conducting in-depth interviews in order to make the product as user-friendly as possible.

Valuable product in the cyber ecosystem

DoControl gives organizations the automated, self-service tools they need for SaaS applications data access monitoring, orchestration, and remediation. We take a unique, customer-focused approach to the challenge of labor-intensive security risk management and data exfiltration prevention in popular SaaS applications. By replacing manual work with automation, DoControl reduces the overload of work and complexity that Security/IT teams have to deal with every day. I took a major part in building and designing a new concept of workflows, which soon will be released. Stay tuned!

What's the most important thing you've accomplished so far at DoControl?

I recently helped to design and maintain a new concept of risk analytics page which will help our users to accomplish greater visibility and remediation of their SaaS apps. I cooperate with our amazing product managers who are doing a wonderful job at defining the roadmap of the product. 

 What's the work life like at the DoControl Tel Aviv offices?

We recently moved to a new building located in the heart of TLV. Our cool HR manager is taking care of every single need: from producing fun days into making sure we have all we need in the office. I enjoy eating lunch with the other talented colleagues discussing how to solve challenges in the product and also on topics like philosophy or movies.

Where do you see the product going in the next 3 years?

I hope that our company will be a category leader in the SaaS security field. Moreover, I believe that the product will be as self-service as possible due to excellent user experience.

Shiri is a lead UX designer at DoControl. She is passionate about creating accessible and a more user understood experience. She has more than 5 years of experience in UX research, product, design, and marketing. Her goal is to explore research methods, design principles, and technologies while keeping the user at the center. 

A former Googler, she has conducted usability testing and research projects for UX companies, retail, insurance, finance, AR/VR apps, SaaS, and E-commerce platforms. She’s passionate about creating great digital products, web design, and branding. Lastly, she loves to bring successful digital products to life utilizing skills such as user research, product strategy, usability testing, prototyping, and wireframing.

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