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Scaling Our Organization to Meet Customer Demand

Over the last 2 years, Liel, Omri, and I have been running the culture and people processes at DoControl with the never-ending help of our amazing HR Manager Adi Segal – who also happens to be based in Israel, which is approximately 5,670 miles away from our US headquarters! From a long distance we covered monthly all-hands meetings, endless 1:1s, performance reviews, OKRs, onsite/offsite events, and much more. Over time, our GTM team in the US has grown significantly, which necessitates additional adjustments to address time zone differences, cultural diversity, remote working, US labor laws, and business efficiencies. 

As such, I’m very excited to announce that Lisa Yackiminie has joined DoControl as Head of People. Lisa brings to us over 20 years of leadership experience in talent acquisition, talent management, HR business partnership, culture transformation, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), employee engagement, and HR infrastructure. 

Lisa is an avid runner and just like in her personal time, she joined DoControl to run for the long term. 

Good luck Lisa!

In her own words:

The ability to prevent loss, leakage and misuse of company sensitive data across SaaS platforms really struck a chord with me. Throughout my career, one of the biggest challenges of departing employees is data theft; it’s a huge blind spot!  


In 2015, Biscom published a survey that found 87% of employees who leave a job take data that they created with them. A further 28% take data that was created by their colleagues. It could be argued that departing employees are a bigger threat than hackers, especially if they take client lists, company strategy presentations or intellectual property to their new employer. 

HR and IT teams work extremely hard to put controls in place to mitigate these risks and deter data theft, but our valuable company information is never 100% secure. DoControl provides automated solutions that integrate into modern HR applications (i.e. BambooHR). When an employment status change is triggered in the HR app, secure workflows are automatically initiated to closely monitor resigning employees. As an HR professional, this one simple use case was easy for me to understand the value-add that DoControl provides for modern businesses. 

This is the reason I joined DoControl as their Head of People. Their solution is even more relevant today as HR teams become increasingly reliant on systems and tools to help drive employee engagement, process efficiencies and enable the shift to remote working. 

During my interview, the more I learned about DoControl’s solution, the more I related it to various aspects of HR and the challenges we face when employees share or download data. The thought of a solution that addresses these challenges head on, I knew I had to be a part of that. 

Let’s not forget, it’s all about the people! The team at DoControl are fantastic, humble and extremely welcoming. Even prior to joining, l felt my team was only a WhatsApp away and I’ve been able to build rapport with them very quickly. I can already tell this is not a team, but a family who take a vested interest in their people and support each other to do great things! It’s one thing to say you care about people, but actions speak louder than words and the DoControl family shows this even before you join! As Head of People, this makes me proud to be part of the DoControl family. 

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Adam Gavish is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DoControl. Adam brings 15  years of experience in product management, software engineering, and network security. Prior to founding DoControl, Adam was a Product Manager at Google Cloud, where he led ideation, execution, and strategy of Security & Privacy products serving Fortune 500 customers. Before Google, Adam was a Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon, where he launched customer-obsessed products improving the payment experience for 300M customers globally. Before Amazon, Adam was a Software Engineer in two successfully acquired startups, eXelate for $200M and Skyfence for $60M.

Adam is a lifetime information geek, breaking down business and technical problems into components to generate long-term learning. He loves running outdoors, playing with LEGOs with his son, and watching a good movie with his wife.

Adam holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yafo and an MBA from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

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