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Customer Spotlight: How DoControl Provides CHEQ Security Full Visibility Their SaaS Application Estate

Here at DoControl, we are extremely honored to be working with some of the most enterprise and industry leading customers. Our success is hinged on the success of our customers, and specifically enabling the success of Security/IT teams to help them strengthen their security posture. Our Customer Success and Support teams are always willing to go above and beyond in order to build relationships and provide exemplary support with everyone we work with. 

CHEQ is the leading solution in the world for Go-to-Market organizations looking to secure their business from invalid traffic (IVT). Built by graduates of the Israeli Military Defense Intelligence, CHEQ is at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, leading the growth of Go-to-Market Security (GTMSec), one of the fastest growing categories in tech today.

CHEQ is trusted by over 14,000 customers worldwide ranging from teams and individuals to the world's leading marketing organizations. We recently sat down with our champion at CHEQ, and discussed what it’s like to partner with DoControl to secure their business-critical SaaS applications and data.. 

Who do we have the pleasure of speaking with today? 

My name is Barack Blima and I'm the CISO at CHEQ. Previously I was the CISO at Syte.ai. 

How long have you been a happy DoControl customer?

For more than a year and a half. 

What use cases does DoControl help your security team solve? 

DoControl helps us answer a few types of critical threat factors. First and foremost, the internal threats and external threats. It helped me as the CISO to get visibility on how our internal employees were and are dealing with sensitive data. It is extremely helpful to my security team in controlling the onboarding and off-boarding of employees. This is especially relevant in terms of data leakage when employees are no longer with the company. With DoControl, I'm emboldened to get a full visibility of my SssS platform estate and all of the different types of domain that we are using. 

How challenging was it to integrate DoControl? 

The integration with DoControl took us around a few hours or less.

What happened once you were able to integrate? 

The platform scanned all of our domains and the SaaS platforms that we are integrated with. We were able to get full visibility in less than 24 hours.

How has it helped you in your role? 

As a CISO, I had the chance to get to a very, very important decision in terms of cybersecurity because I immediately saw different types of internal and external threats

How was your experience with the customer support team?  

Truly amazing! I mean for me, it’s one of the most relevant and most important factors when  choosing a vendor. I call DoControl our “partners” because we have developed a very good relationship and they're always available to solve our needs. They're always aware of the different types of issues and with DoControl, I had a chance to learn many, many more potential threats. Also they offer acute best practices on how to resolve these different types of threats.

Check out the video to hear directly from Barack - CHEQ Case Study

Learn More About DoControl

DoControl is an agentless, event-driven SaaS Security Platform that secures business-critical SaaS applications and data. DoControl helps organizations expose their SaaS risk, remediate it quickly, and automatically remediate over time through granular, no-code workflows. DoControl uncovers all SaaS users, third-party collaborators, assets and metadata, OAuth applications, groups, and activity events. DoControl helps reduce risk, prevent data breaches, and mitigate insider risk without slowing down business enablement.

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Corey O’Connor is the Director of Product Marketing at DoControl, with over a decade of experience as a Product Marketing leader in the enterprise software market. Prior to joining DoControl, Corey held multiple leadership positions at CyberArk and Dell EMC, where he was responsible for the Go-to-Market strategy and execution of multiple enterprise software solutions in the cloud computing, storage and security markets.

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