Customer Spotlight: How Finaro Leverages DoControl to Prevent PCI Data Leakage

Customer Spotlight: How Finaro Leverages DoControl to Prevent PCI Data Leakage

At DoControl, we're proud to partner with top-tier enterprise and industry customers. Our success hinges on our customers' success, and we're dedicated to empowering Security/IT teams to enhance their security posture. Our Customer Success and Support teams strive for excellence in building relationships and delivering unparalleled support.

Finaro (formerly Credorax) is a global cross-border payment provider empowering international commerce through brilliantly simple payments. Their passionate team, exceptional tech capabilities, product innovation, and customer-centric approach enable them to simplify complexity and create multidimensional solutions that generate growth and enable peace of mind for their merchants.  

DoControl provides a unified, automated and risk-aware SaaS Security Platform that secures business-critical applications and data, drives operational efficiencies, and enables business productivity. DoControl’s core competency is focused on protecting business-critical SaaS applications and data through automated remediation. 

How do we do it? Through a combination of data access controls, SaaS service misconfiguration detection, service mesh discovery, identity and application permissions management, and shadow application prevention. The DoControl Platform is built upon three foundational tenants, which include discovery and visibility, monitor and control, and automated remediation. DoControl provides SaaS data protection that works for the modern business, so they can drive their business forward in a secure way.

Here’s the Q&A from a recent sit down with Finaro’s CISO:

Tell us about yourself and about your corporation? 

Hi! I'm Oren. CISO at Finaro. We are an acquiring service provider company. We help many, many merchants to go on and proceed with payment transactions, credit card, PCI Data, and alternative payment methods.

How long have you been a DoControl customer and why did you initially choose the platform? 

We have been a DoConrol client for the last two years. After a copious amount of POC's and research in this area. We desperately needed to fix the prevention of data leakage in our heavily utilized Google workspace application platform. 

What use cases does DoControl help your security team solve? 

Our main challenge was that we needed to actively control and prevent data leakage, especially PCI data leakage. It was paramount that we informed our users about the external resources that they are allowed to share this type of data with. This was the main requirement that our auditor insisted on for our PCI business certification.

How has DoControl helped you in your role? 

We're using different DoControl automated workflows for a whole host of scenarios like being notified and checking if terminated employees share information from Google Drive. We are able to monitor if employees share a different file from our private Google Drive to external domains and so much more. 

How challenging was it to integrate DoControl and how is your experience with the customer support team? 

It's super easy! The customer success team is very helpful. We do everything together. It's amazing!

Check out the video to hear directly from Oren:

Learn More About DoControl

DoControl is an agentless, event-driven SaaS Security Platform that secures business-critical SaaS applications and data. DoControl helps organizations expose their SaaS risk, remediate it quickly, and automatically remediate over time through granular, no-code workflows. DoControl uncovers all SaaS users, third-party collaborators, assets and metadata, OAuth applications, groups, and activity events. DoControl helps reduce risk, prevent data breaches, and mitigate insider risk without slowing down business enablement.

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