It’s 3/30/2023 – Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

It’s 3/30/2023 – Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Those of us who fall into the “Gen X/Elder Millennial" age brackets — the 80s and 90s kids — will very clearly remember the PSA that ran ad nauseam: “It’s 10pm, do you know where your children are?” (spoiler alert, my parents had NO idea where I was!).

I hadn’t thought of that commercial in years. I don’t have to. As the parent of a teen and a 20-something, my children came of age at a time when their whereabouts were known 24/7. 

Their phones transmit non-stop signals, their cars have GPS, and they post on social media with location and time stamps. I even had geofence alerts on the car that gave me a heads-up if sneaking out of school mid-day!

I think a lot of us that are now parents do this since we know EXACTLY the trouble we got away with as teens. As a result, our rules become, well, more “stringent” (that’s not the word my kids would use!). With those rules, the tools and technology to help us have continued to evolve. 

But up until recently, the same could not be said for companies knowing exactly who has access to confidential or proprietary data stored in their SaaS applications, as well as how that data is shared internally or outside the company.  

When I was considering my next opportunity as a marketing leader, one of my requirements was joining a company that is solving a mission-critical problem in the cybersecurity space. DoControl does just that. The DoControl SaaS Security Platform allows companies to know what my parents did not: the “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How” of the data in their business-critical SaaS applications.

The sheer magnitude of unmanaged SaaS data access is eye opening. What’s worse is the harsh reality that this becomes compounded over time. Think about it – organizations are leveraging SaaS to become more agile and move their business forward as efficiently and effectively as they can. The issue that so often arises is when security is left as an afterthought. And in this scenario, you create technical debt that becomes immensely difficult to get over.

Thankfully there are tools and technologies (i.e DoControl!) to help organizations evolve, push their business, and navigate through the shared responsibility model in the cloud with relative ease. DoControl provides organizations with the automated, self-service tools they require for data access monitoring, orchestration, and remediation. 

The solution uncovers all SaaS users, 3rd party collaborators, assets/metadata, OAuth apps, groups, and activity events. From there, security teams can create granular data access control policies to reduce the risk of data overexposure and exfiltration. 

We take a unique, customer-focused approach to the challenge of labor-intensive security risk management and data loss prevention (DLP) in SaaS. DoControl has no agents, no inline redirections, and no slow response times as commonly found in Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions.

With DoControl, there are no unanswered questions. You ‘Do’ know where your data is. And you’re in ‘Control.’ Meet with one of our experts today, and see why more modern businesses are partnering with DoControl to drive business enablement in a secure fashion.

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