Introducing DoControl's SSP Channel Program for SaaS Security

Introducing DoControl's SSP Channel Program for SaaS Security

We are thrilled to introduce the expansion of the DoControl Channel Program, designed to empower our partners with cutting-edge tools and resources for delivering top-tier SaaS Security.

We are thrilled to introduce the expansion of the DoControl Channel Program, designed to empower our partners with cutting-edge tools and resources for delivering top-tier SaaS Security. DoControl is committed to revolutionizing how businesses approach security in an increasingly digital world. With our SSP Channel Program, you'll gain access to a comprehensive suite of benefits that will set you apart in SaaS security.

Why Choose DoControl SSP?

DoControl protects the data in SaaS applications without the user experience penalty of inline proxy and for all access methods, yet can react fast enough to detect and prevent risky data access and exfiltration. DoControl accelerates agentless, endpoint-agnostic SaaS data protection by understanding the SaaS data model, leveraging known behavior patterns and analytics and applying security context from within DoControl’s IP as well as multiple threat sources to SaaS events to automate remediation proportional to the risk created by the event. This ensures employee productivity and business use are not jeopardized while data protection mandates are effectively and efficiently enforced.

Breaking Free from Legacy CASBs: 

Traditional CASBs struggle to effectively work in SaaS environments due to factors such as limited visibility and control, incompatibility with SaaS architectures, lack of granularity in controls, difficulty in keeping up with the evolving SaaS landscape, and integration and performance challenges. SaaS environments are dynamic and web-based, making it challenging for traditional CASBs designed for on-premises applications. 

Legacy DLP is not built for SaaS: 

DoControl is the superior choice compared to legacy Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions with agents. While legacy DLP often results in overwhelming false positives and strains security teams with excessive alerts, DoControl offers a more effective approach. Its real-time scanning and precise classification of sensitive data types such as PII, PCI, and PHI across all files stored in Software as a Service (SaaS) applications ensure accurate identification of potential risks without inundating security personnel. Moreover, DoControl's granular data access controls can be tailored to address specific use cases, providing the ability to prevent the sharing of sensitive data in designated SaaS locations resulting in a decrease of scans by >80%. By incorporating role-based security workflows, DoControl also automates the expiration of access to sensitive data when it's no longer needed, streamlining security processes and bolstering data protection measures. 

Experience the Advantages of Partnership

By joining forces with DoControl, you'll gain a competitive edge in delivering state-of-the-art SaaS data security. Our commitment to our partners is unwavering, and we offer a range of benefits that make partnering with us a game-changing move:

  • 100% Channel: We fully invest in our channel’s success. Every lead generated is entrusted to our valued partners, ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration.
  • Sales and Marketing Support: We're dedicated to helping our partners succeed. That's why we provide comprehensive sales and marketing resources, including training, collateral, and co-branding opportunities to help you effectively market and sell DoControl solutions.
  • Generous Rewards: Our partner program is simple and designed to be frictionless. We guarantee GPR and offer generous SPIFFs throughout the sales process.

The Future of SaaS Security

The need to secure SaaS applications and data has never been more crucial. With the sensitive information SaaS applications contain, the vulnerabilities they face, and the potential impacts of breaches, robust security measures are non-negotiable. DoControl's SSP solutions address these challenges head-on, ensuring your valuable data remains safeguarded. Find out more about the pivotal role of SSPs in securing SaaS environments in our informative blog post: What is a SaaS Security Platform (SSP)?

To learn more about the DoControl Channel Program, visit For more information on the DoControl SSP platform, visit our YouTube Channel

Stay secure, and stay in control with DoControl!

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