Employee Spotlight: Customer Success of DoControl

Employee Spotlight: Customer Success of DoControl

Meet Natalie Valdman, Customer Success Manager and Anna Simhovich Pearl, Technical Operations Lead, both rising stars in DoControl's Customer Success team. We took a few moments to shine the spotlight on them...

What are the top 3 reasons you decided to join DoControl?

Natalie: I had made the decision to join DoControl mainly for being deeply impressed by the product and potential that it has. The DoControl solution enables granular data access control across an entire organization’s critical SaaS applications, combined with visibility and monitoring capabilities that reduce risk and enable their workforce to be productive. This is the type of solution that removes the headache for  IT security teams in trying to provide secure access to sensitive SaaS application data and files.  The DoControl platform significantly improves the security of data access control across the organization, for all internal and external identities. Another reason for joining the company was tied to the positive vibe and healthy environment between all departments. The company is relatively small, yet  everyone is dedicated, willing to help and looking for ways to contribute to the success of the business.

Anna: When I first looked at the DoControl solution, I was really impressed with how the product was solving a number of use cases that challenge every organization that utilizes SaaS applications. Solving these use cases is done in a relatively simple way that provides a great end user experience. So solving complex use cases for modern businesses in a simple and easy way was something I was excited to get behind. Next, from the first minute I entered DoControl I felt the company was filled with teams of “doers.” There’s a really great team spirit, with a high motivation to push the product and the company forward. At this stage in the company’s growth, there are a lot of new hires. So there's a feeling of being in this together, we all want to feel a part of the success of the company, and we worked together in a way to see that it happens. Finally, I’m very excited about my position in the customer success organization, and the privilege I was given to establish a new function in DoControl. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve accomplished at DoControl?

Natalie: I’m not there yet – I’m still too new!. I hope to establish fruitful and positive relationships with my customers, help them grow and benefit from the adoption of our product by generating a strong ROI from using the DoControl solution on a regular cadence. I want to help enable the success of my customers – their success is our success! Mainly, I would love to get to the point that our customers cannot live without our product! 

Anna: The most important thing I've accomplished with DoControl is hard to answer at the time of writing this blog. I'm very new at the company, so let me highlight what I plan to accomplish. I hope to create a great technical support function for my accounts that will provide great value to my customers, and more generally to have a high impact in my role within the company. 

What is the work environment like at DoControl Tel Aviv?

Anna: The work environment in Tel Aviv is great, people are super friendly and collaborative, and happy to assist with anything that’s needed. Culture is extremely important from the leadership team down. As I mentioned before, there's a strong feeling of excitement throughout the office (as well as for all my remote colleagues!) to be a part of the success of this business. Securing the critical SaaS applications that our customers are using is a big responsibility for us in customer success. The culture and environment here is to take that responsibility seriously, and with pride, and do it in a way that's fun and exciting for all of us.  

Natalie: The environment is really amazing. People are very friendly and try to help new employees who have recently joined the company, providing whatever assistance is needed as they become acclimated to the business . The HR department is organizing parties on holidays, yoga classes on a weekly basis and happy hours each Thursday. It’s clear to me that culture is extremely valued at DoControl, and providing a working environment that is well balanced is what I am experiencing in both the Tel Aviv office, and throughout the rest of the company.

Where do you see the product going in the next 3 years?

Natalie: I believe that in terms of the product, “the sky's the limit.” It has great potential to become an integral part of each SaaS organization’s security program. There are limitless possibilities for growth, and new capabilities and use cases that can be addressed by DoControl. I would like to see the product grow and become an entirely automated AI-powered solution designed to resolve all security issues within data access controls across all the various critical SaaS applications being leveraged by our customers.

Anna: Over the next 3 years I believe our product will be one of the leading solutions for companies needing to protect their internal data while connecting to other SaaS applications. SaaS adoption continues to increase, and securing these environments is becoming more and more decentralized. So I see lots of potential in the DoControl platform, and the product has so many areas that can evolve in a way that will bring a lot of value to our customers.

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