DoControl Celebrates Three Years In the Making

DoControl Celebrates Three Years In the Making

In June 2020, StageOne Ventures and Cardumen Capital told us they believed in the team, vision, and the market – which ultimately closed out our seed round and kicked off the DoControl journey. Three years later, we could not be more happy and grateful for what we have accomplished so far.

For us, the startup journey is very similar to climbing Mount Everest. You can’t climb it in one shot. There are no shortcuts. You have to make risky decisions every day. You are 100% dependent on your teammates. The higher you climb, the less air you have. You have to adapt to the unknown. You need an overall strategy, but also be realistic on the tactics. Reaching major milestones is super fun, but the main target is always top of mind. You better have a consistent pace so you don’t burn out. You can’t do it slowly either since you’re dependent on a success window. You have to accept changes along the way. You hope for the best and plan for the worst. 

Exactly 1,095 days and infinite customer interactions later, our mission hasn’t changed at all. DoControl is here to secure SaaS applications. We are obsessed with our mission. We are obsessed with our customers, who challenge us every day in every way possible. Every piece of feedback, anecdote, and perspective is taken into consideration. This is the only way to grow – listening to customers and building a product they not only require, but love and appreciate.

We envision a world in which organizations consume SaaS applications, knowing that they have the right SaaS Security Platform (SSP) to strike the perfect balance between information security and business enablement. Three years from the get go, this vision is not so far away from reality, as we continue to innovate on behalf of our customers, and introduce additional  SaaS Security solutions that serve the needs of our customers through the DoControl platform. We remain loyal to security teams and their expectations, to reduce TCO, eliminate security blind spots, and become a business enabler. 

The future is both exciting and bright, with SSPs introducing a single solution that protects every aspect of the multi-SaaS attack surface. We are honored and privileged to be operating in such a hot market, attracting top investors, talent, and security teams consistently. More than anything, we are super grateful to employ some of the most brilliant, funny, and collaborative people on the planet. There is so much to do. So much to learn. So many opportunities to grow. What a time to be alive!

We are committed to always listen to our customers, build an incredible company, and continue to execute at the highest level. 


Adam, Omri, and Liel

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