DoControl’s 2021 Year in Review

DoControl’s 2021 Year in Review

As we approach the end of year, I’ve taken a moment to reflect on what we’ve been through in 2021 and what our plan for 2022. 

But first, a big thank you to all of our amazing employees who devoted most of their time to delivering and innovating on behalf of DoControl’s customers and this industry as a whole. You all spent so much time on our codebase, sales cold calls, marketing collateral, UX design, product requirements, recruiting, and so much more. The passion you have for what we do is in your bones and that’s why you pay attention to every small detail. I cannot thank you enough and never take what you do for granted. Thank you.

Now, let’s get into it.

We started 2021 by unveiling our first initial MVP which was designed and built based on feedback from multiple design partners and friendly customers. This initial cluster of customers truly helped us validate and shape the first product value proposition. If you’re reading this, thank you so much for all the support, feedback, and time. We generally believe it’s never early enough to go outside of the building and show your product to your target market, in our case Security and IT practitioners. 

Initial customer feedback was critical in progressing on the DoControl platform until a point where we were able to close several cold customer deals. Ultimately, we raised our series A round led by RTP Global who previously backed companies like Datadog, RingCentral, and Delivery Hero. We continued to build out the DoControl platform and closed several important deals with good momentum. 

Soon after, we felt that the “founder-sell” playbook had proven successful and it was time for us to scale up the business. As such, we hired Ed Rodriguez as VP Sales, Sam Adler as VP Marketing, Ilana Yakobi as Head of Customer Success, and Guy Rosenthal as VP Product. We now have a fantastic leadership team scaling the company from any angle. We grew the company from 14 to ~40 and counting. We’re still hiring for multiple positions.

Things heated up significantly during the second half of 2021. We were now able to offer a complete end to end SaaS data access control platform recognized in the Gartner 2021 Cloud Security Hype Cycle Report and CRN’s top 10 hottest cybersecurity startups of 2021. Our customers use a combination of automated workflows, scalable on-demand bulk actions, and smart alerting mechanism to prevent data exfiltration, achieve least privilege model, and respond super quickly to various SaaS security incidents. Some of the best information security teams in the world now use DoControl, from hyper-growth startups, mid-market businesses, to public companies.

As we look ahead into 2022, SaaS Security will become a standard budget line item for security teams globally, primarily due to the increased velocity of insider threats and 3rd party risks combined with the ever-growing SaaS based collaboration and lack of granular data access control.  We are well positioned to be successful based on these market changes alone. 

To mitigate the ongoing risks organizations are challenged with, security teams will have to invest in a dedicated security solution designed to support business continuation and the prevention of company data being exposed forever and/or to the wrong person(s). As such, DoControl is strongly positioned to help any organization at any scale across multiple popular ecosystems, such as Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint, Slack, Box, and more. 

We are on a hyper-focused mission to help Security/IT teams “win over” SaaS applications, apply the Zero Trust security model to SaaS data access, and make sure that a company’s crown jewels (its’ sensitive files and data) are never exposed to the wrong users. 

Buckle up everyone - 2022 is going to be extraordinary! 


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