Twilio’s Chief Product Officer joins DoControl on Advisory Board

Twilio’s Chief Product Officer joins DoControl on Advisory Board

We are excited to announce that Eyal Manor, Chief Product Officer at Twilio, is joining DoControl as an advisory board member. 

Two years ago, Eyal and I worked together at Google with a few management layers between the two of us. Under Eyal’s leadership we drove innovative technologies and I enjoyed our collaboration.

Eyal recently joined Twilio as Chief Product Officer leading the engineering and product organization to empower better, more personalized and useful customer engagements through Twilio’s communication Cloud and Segment’s leading customer data platform. We are excited for what comes for Eyal and Twilio!

A couple weeks ago, I reached out and presented DoControl to Eyal who simply said “I’m seeing new startups all the time, I truly believe your product vision can help the industry start applying the Zero Trust security model on the data layer as well״. It was very clear for both sides that we should collaborate and raise the bar in the SaaS Security domain.

At DoControl, Eyal will help us shape the longer term vision around Zero Trust Data Access to help companies worldwide continuously verify data access and achieve least-privilege access through seamless automations. Together, we will help companies minimize their attack surface, reduce the scope of any potential breach, and give more time for security teams to respond to suspicious activity.

We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you Eyal and are confident in our mutual success.

Thank you,


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