DoControl Enhances Microsoft Integration With Swift Account Scanning and Onboarding Across Millions Of Files In Just Hours

November 16, 2023

DoControl now offers a comprehensive solution designed to enhance Microsoft 365 data security with expansion of offerings now including Teams, complementing the robust protection provided for OneDrive and SharePoint.

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DoControl, the leading SaaS Security Platform (SSP), today announced new capabilities to its data security protection offering for Microsoft 365. The integration is one of the fastest, most accurate and complete solutions available in the market today.

According to Statista, a staggering 80% of Fortune 500 organizations relied on Microsoft applications for their daily operations in 2022. However, their fundamental architecture does not align with robust security protocols. While these applications excel in fostering efficiency, their core design lacks the robust security features essential for safeguarding sensitive data in today's increasingly complex and threat-laden digital landscape. In fact, DoControl's 2023 SaaS Security Threat Landscape Report found that large companies were storing an average of 1,773 SaaS assets per employee, leaving them as attractive targets for bad actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities.

DoControl has addressed these challenges with the latest updates to its Microsoft Office 365 integration, including:

  • Faster Onboarding: DoControl offers one of the swiftest onboarding processes in the industry, regardless of data volume, along with a 20x increase in account scanning speed. Microsoft data collection is completed in just hours, while the industry standard takes more than a month.
  • Data Integrity: The latest integration offers improved data integrity and accuracy. Automated remediation actions are completed through the platform in real-time, minimizing exposure risk caused by delayed reaction.
  • Cloud-Native DLP for MS Teams: DoControl provides comprehensive SaaS data protection for Microsoft 365 users, now supporting cloud-native Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Teams in addition to data security for One Drive and SharePoint. DoControl's cloud-native DLP solution identifies sensitive files shared in Microsoft Teams to alert security teams and support automated remediation workflows.

"We take pride in offering one of the fastest onboarding in the market and being able to address the critical concern of enterprises with large data volumes," said Adam Gavish, CEO and Co-founder, DoControl. "Our agentless, user-friendly solution now builds an inventory of Microsoft 365 events in just hours, providing a complete SaaS data protection solution for organizations using Microsoft 365."

Current CASB and DLP solutions, designed to prevent sensitive data exposure in SaaS apps, often fall short of meeting the speed demands of modern businesses. During onboarding, scanning of substantial data in these apps can take weeks or even months. Furthermore, the lack of real-time data integrity leaves organizations vulnerable, as changes may occur in the app before scanning takes place. Unlike other solutions which lack data integrity and leave users exposed, DoControl's modern approach fortifies an organization's security posture and ensures potential risks are swiftly identified and addressed. This serves to reinforce an organization's defense in the ever-evolving realm of modern, cloud-based collaboration.

About DoControl
DoControl is an agentless, event-driven SaaS Security Platform (SSP) that secures business-critical SaaS applications and data. DoControl helps organizations expose their SaaS risk, remediate it quickly, and automatically remediate over time through granular, no-code workflows. DoControl's SSP uncovers all SaaS users, third-party collaborators, assets and metadata, OAuth applications, groups, and activity events. DoControl helps reduce risk, prevent data breaches, and mitigate insider risk without slowing down business enablement. To learn more about DoControl, visit, read the DoControl blogs, or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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