SaaS Safety Startup DoControl Raises $ 10 Million From VCs, CrowdStrike

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by Joe Panettieri • April 12, 2021

Adam Gavish, CEO of DoControl

SaaS security startup DoControl has raised $ 10 million in Series A funding to help customers protect SaaS applications from Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more. Key donors include RTP Global, the CrowdStrike Falcon Fund, StageOne Ventures and Cardumen Capital.

DoControl is the latest in a growing list of security starts that focus specifically on protecting SaaS applications. Adam Gavish, Co-Founder and CEO, was previously the product manager for cloud security and privacy at Google Cloud. He previously held an e-commerce position at Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to his LinkedIn profile, Gavish’s career dates back to a position as a network security engineer with the Israeli intelligence service.

In a prepared statement on funding and business strategy, Gavish said:

“When I ran cybersecurity product management at Google Cloud, I saw firsthand how organizations struggle to prevent unauthorized access to data stored in the cloud. This becomes more complex when SaaS applications serve the entire workforce. Identity providers and zero trust solutions manage users and secure remote access. However, security / IT teams have no easy way to dynamically monitor and restrict access of former employees, personal accounts, external providers, customers or partners to data. This leads to an enormous amount of unmanageable data access, which poses significant risks to businesses and increases the likelihood of data breaches. DoControl solves one of the most complex operational challenges – monitoring and restricting data access to the wrong personnel without slowing down business processes. We provide companies with an efficient platform to balance this operational equation through automation and a smooth, modern user experience. “

DoControl: SaaS security software features, partner program

DoControl’s software provides companies with “the automated self-service tools they need for monitoring, orchestrating and correcting data access by SaaS applications,” according to the start.

The DoControl platform offers:

  • Asset management, which includes users, external workers, and assets;
  • Enforcement of security policies through no-code workflows; and
  • Slack / Teams bot that works with end users on behalf of security / IT teams.

The bots enable a self-service correction pathway for human errors, malicious activity, and data leaks, according to DoControl.

DoControl has an up-and-coming partner program that “aims to help you and your customers to automatically allow and limit data access true to scale”. On the side of the partner program, the focus areas MSP and MSSP are not explicitly mentioned. However, early partners include:

DoControl’s early customers include Armis, Bizzabo, Hive Media, Silverfort and YellowHead, according to the company’s website.

DoControl: Early SaaS Investors, Executive Perspectives

RTP Global, which previously supported Datadog, led the DoControl funding round. Other investors are:

This is CrowdStrike’s second key investment in the past few days. The other involves Tines – a SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) launch.

Shawn Henry, CrowdStrike

Luke Page, RTP Global

Andrew Brown, Zscaler

Advisor Andy Brown, a board member of Zscaler, added:

“With so much business data moving outside of the network in SaaS applications, it becomes a blind spot for CISOs and security teams. It’s time for a solution that not only gives organizations visibility into such data movements, but also control over how they are used and shared to keep business moving without increasing the risk of data breach. “

Well-known RTP Global Partner Luke Page:

“The DoControl team is redefining an emerging category that affects almost every company worldwide – SaaS security. We were immediately impressed with the product and technical background of the founding team, and quickly realized that this customer-centric team strives to solve real-world challenges with a differentiated technology that works on a scale. With automated security workflows, DoControl makes data access control a breeze for businesses of all shapes and sizes to improve security and operational efficiency. “

Completed Shawn Henry, President of CrowdStrike Services and Chief Security Officer at CrowdStrike:

“CrowdStrike is excited to participate in the DoControl funding rounds. Their innovative approach reduces the complexities of security maintenance, compliance and data access in SaaS applications and enables companies to find a better balance between security and business activation while optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their security operations. “

SaaS security startups, funding and MSP partners

The market for tools to protect, monitor and / or manage SaaS applications is growing rapidly. Other well-known names are:

Of the companies listed above, Augmentt (overall SaaS management) and SaaS Alerts (security) each focus the most on MSPs as partners.

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